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Use neural therapy as a treatment system for chronic pain, illness

There are several homeopathic options to help relieve headache and migraine pain.

Neural therapy has been around since 1905 when Alfred Einhorn discovered procaine, a local anesthetic that also restores function to damaged nerves.

From there, the Hunicke brothers in Germany led the way by injecting procaine in every imaginable place in the human body during the 1920s, through the 1950s. This is a non-toxic therapy — of note, we test everybody on our homeopathic computers to make sure it agrees energetically.

Headache treatments

Run-of-the-mill musculoskeletal headaches respond to neural therapy in about 30 seconds. Using the smallest needle in medicine, we inject a small amount of specially prepared procaine with a marvelous homeopathic remedy called “Spascupreel” from the company Heel, based in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Spascupreel is injected into two acupuncture points, two fingerbreadths off the occipital notch on each side in the back of the head. This is not painful. Usually, headache pain is resolved instantly.

Occasionally some pain may remain over the temples, above the eyes or the top of the head. Another ¼ cc of the procaine mix over the tender points will generally stop the remainder of the pain.

We also look for painful acupuncture points on top of the shoulders and place a little procaine mix in the skin (bubbles) on painful points.

Although this therapy won’t resolve a three-day migraine headache, it will mitigate the more severe symptoms.

Migraines respond well to intravenous magnesium and nutrients. The herbs Butterbur and Feverfew can also head off migraines.

Bioidentical progesterone cream rubbed behind the ears and down the trapezius muscles is also helpful for headaches, as well as applying it on the inner arms. Further, headaches unrelieved by pain medication may be caused by Toxoplasmosis, from the cat fecal parasite, and can be killed by antibiotics.

Regarding magnesium, I prefer magnesium glycinate. It not only prevents high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes, it also is a muscle relaxant that can prevent tension headaches.

Other kinds of treatments

Treating and resolving chronic infections such as Lyme disease and its co-infections can be critical for treating joint and muscle pain.

Gut inflammation causes many kinds of pain. As such, avoiding food allergens, and treating fungus infections; Candida; small intestinal bacterial overgrowth; and mold and parasitic infestations will reduce leaky gut syndrome, which can cause pain in distant sites in the body.

Homeopathic remedies are great for many kinds of pain. You can use Arnica for any pain, and Rhus Tox (short for toxicodendron) for joint and ligament pain that is improved by movement.

Hypericum frequently relieves neuropathy pain, and you can use Gelsemium for paralysis, and Calcaria phosphorica for non-healing bones, among other remedies.

Combination homeopathic creams such as Inflammyr are great for bruises, arthritis and chronic pain. Further, castor oil packs are soothing for all musculoskeletal and joint pains.

Beside headaches, neural therapy relieves sinus pain, asthma attacks, tooth pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, low back pain, hip pain, gallbladder attacks, kidney stone pain, knee pain, arthritis pain and Dupuytren’s’ contractures pain in minutes.

Michael Gerber, MD, HMD, is a Practitioner of Homeopathic Medicine at Gerber Medical Clinic in Reno. Visit or call 775-826-1900 to learn more.