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Turn back the clock: Skin resurfacing procedures – before, during and after

After photo: Courtesy Millennium Medical Spa & Suites

These days, as technology continues to mesh with the beauty industry, you can find an array of skin resurfacing treatments that can correct decades of damage, unlike previous products and techniques.

With that, many questions often abound: Eho is a candidate for certain procedures? What does preparation take? Is there downtime?

“We … do really educational consultations to communicate skincare concerns with a digital skin analysis to show skin damage underneath the skin; it puts you in your percentile for wrinkles, pores and texture and shows bacteria from acne,” Regina Fritz, practice manager for Renew MD Medical Spa ( in Reno, said in an interview with Healthy Beginnings.

Before photo: Courtesy Millennium Medical Spa & Suites

In addition to correcting skin abnormalities, resurfacing procedures also help promote self-confidence and give people a second chance at healthy skin when their childhood may not have included as much sunscreen as current times.

“These procedures are great for promoting our client’s self confidence, we’re grateful to help people feel better about themselves,” said Pam Horton CPCP, owner of Millennium Medical & Spa Suites ( in Gardnerville.

Laser skin resurfacing options

Renew MD:

Laser Genesis is among the most popular skin resurfacing treatments offered here; it targets pore size, redness, cell turnover, collagen, texture, fine lines and wrinkles. Most people are candidates for this procedure.

Venus Viva is another facial remodeling and resurfacing treatment targeting the same skin issues and also helps tighten skin and treat acne scarring.

IPL Laser treatments restore brightness and youthfulness to your skin’s appearance by removing age spots on fair skin tones and improving wrinkles.


The Pixel CO2 Laser by Alma Lasers targets fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, sun spots, acne scars, stretch marks and photo-damaged skin by emitting light energy to penetrate the skin, produce collagen and promote tightening.

What it feels like

Renew MD:

Laser Genesis treatments feel warm to the touch, and the client can hear the pulsing of the laser. The sensation is similar to a light rubber band snap or quick pulse, there is mild discomfort but no pain.

Venus Viva is a microneedling treatment, which is more painful than the laser, so the medical staff numbs the full face beforehand. During the procedure, the microscopic rectangular-shaped needle goes into the skin in a pattern across the face making microscopic holes in the skin so the skin heals itself, stimulates collagen and cell turnover.

IPL Laser treatments are beneficial for fair skin tones that have sunspots and not recommended for dark skin tones as the treatment works by pulling dark pigments from the skin.


The Pixel CO2 Laser feels hot to the touch so the medical practitioners numb clients an hour before performing the laser procedure.

Millennium also offers microneedling, which Horton compares to aerating a lawn — after puncturing holes in the surface of the skin it reacts similarly by firming up and tightening, minimizing fine lines.

Microneedling can be taken into a vampire facelift from there, which includes pulling plasma rich platelets from the blood and putting them onto the skin during microneedling to promote healing and collagen growth.

Procedure downtime and effects

Renew MD:

Laser Genesis treats clients twice a week for six sessions with no downtime and a slight pinkness to your face after the procedure.

Venus Viva is done over three sessions scheduled four weeks apart and you may look sunburned the following day, with redness subsiding afterward. Nothing can touch the face, including water, for 24 hours after treatment to keep from introducing a reaction to bacteria or inflammation of the newly made holes in the skin.

IPL Laser treatments are done in 30-minute appointments, three to six times for optimal results.


The Pixel CO2 Laser treatment requires four to five days of downtime after the procedure.

Microneedling procedures are less invasive, with clients able to apply makeup just a couple days after their appointment.

Fritz explains that any procedures you’re having done that are non-surgical will require maintenance somewhere from once a quarter to once a year.

“Everybody ages differently so it depends on the person but maintenance is a part of aging and we’re still aging so maintenance is going to be part of anything you do,” she says.

Whether you’re interested in having skin resurfacing and rejuvenating treatments done, experts urge everyone to drink plenty of water, wash their faces twice a day, protect their skin with sunscreen and sun protective clothing or accessories, and to get a professional consultation to better understand your skin and how fresh and glowing it could become.

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