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The Tooth That Bites Back: Hidden Dental Infections and Serious Disease

By Michael Gerber M.D., H.M.D.


German biological dentists have tagged root canaled teeth with the moniker of a corpse in the attic. It seems perfectly logical, they are dead. The root canal procedure removes the arteries, veins, lymphatics and nerves leaving the tooth dead and defenseless against invading bacteria and other microbes. They are generally asymptomatic, no nerves left intact. In one of his milestone books, “The Toxic Tooth ,” Thomas Levy, M.D., J.D., presents powerful data connecting root canaled teeth and chronic apical periodontitis (infections around the root of the tooth) with cancer of the head, neck, chest and breasts as well as coronary artery disease and heart attacks. Root canaled related bacteria were also found in a majority of patients with brain aneurysms. The famous cancer physician, Josef Issels, found that 98 percent of his cancer patients had between 2-10 root canaled teeth. He always extracted the root canaled teeth first and his cancer survival rates were exceptional.

Root canaled (dead) and infected teeth have hundreds of different bacteria living in them and secrete powerful toxins that inhibit ATP (the body’s energy currency) manufacturing in the mitochondria, the trillions of energy generators in our cells. These lesions are sometimes painful, infected, dead bone in the jaws from chronic infections, but they can also be asymptomatic. They affect many chronically ill patients and are not acknowledged to exist in regular dentistry and medicine.

How To Find Dead Teeth

Dental infections can be identified using electroacupuncture computers, cone beam X-ray, 3-D CAT scans of the jaw bones and thermography (heat pictures of the jaw bones which reveal chronic inflammation). Patients can ask their dentist’s office about their root canaled teeth, which are clearly evident on X-ray. Dentists who belong to the

IABDM, International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine and the IAOMT, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, understand these principals and can help with identi cation and treatment of these conditions.

How to Treat Dead Teeth

I love the horrendous pictures of grossly infected teeth, which are often green, black and infected after extraction in Dr. Levy’s book. The treatment is to extract the dead tooth and do an extended clean out of the socket until the dentist gets down to white, bleeding bone. It is good to treat the area with ozone (O3) derived from oxygen (O2), which kills all bacteria. Then, it is state-of-the-art to make a patch of platelet derived growth factors, stem cells, from the patient’s blood to promote bone formation. A bridge may be made covering the gap of the missing tooth or an implant can be placed after a few months of the bone maturing. Zirconium implants, a ceramic, may be preferable to titanium implants, the usual material. After the implant has matured, a crown of normal-looking tooth material is attached to the implant. Back molars can be extracted and one doesn’t miss any loss of chewing capacity.

The Tooth, The Tooth, Nothing But The Tooth

This is undoubtedly one of the hardest sells in medicine, except that the infected teeth can kill you or cause chronic illness. German biological dental charts relate all the teeth to distant organs in the body and acupuncture meridians. Dental infections cause blood clotting. Why did I get a clot in my leg or lung? DNA tracing has shown the same bacteria lodged in a heart clot are the same as the root canaled bacteria. We see a lot of chronically ill people with totally normal lab results and physical exams but have multiple root canals that have miraculous improvements after root canal extractions.

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