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The Eye of Revelation, The Ancient Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation

  • December 1, 2009
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  • By Peter Kelder |edited by J.W. Watt | book review by June Milligan
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250-bookreviewby Peter Kelder |edited by J.W. Watt | book review by June Milligan |

This book was originally published in 1939. The story behind it is somewhat of a mystery, and this information probably would have faded into the mists of time if these rites had not worked for scores of people here in America. It promises that the five simple poses, called “rites” by the Tibetan monks, will reverse aging.

To start at the beginning, the author says that he met a retired British Army Officer, a Colonel Bradford, who revealed that there was a Buddhist lamasery (monastery) in Tibet where the monks/priests never seemed to grow old. Colonel Bradford had spent his career (early 1900s) on the India/Tibetan border during the time when both Russia and Britain were attempting to gain control over Tibet. That competition was called The Great Game, and since Tibet was guarded by the Himalayas, neither country had much luck influencing or invading Tibet. It was basically a closed country.

During his career Colonel Bradford became fascinated with the possibility of finding the lamasery. After retiring, he wanted to return to Tibet. He told his story to Peter Kelder, then returned to Asia. Four years later, Bradford came back to America but Kelder didn’t recognize him. Kelder knew Bradford was at least 60 years old, but he now looked like a man in his late 30s or early 40s!

Bradford explained that the secret of reversing aging was in doing five different rites each day. These rites supposedly work because they increase the spin of seven vortices in the body. These were never called chakras in Tibet, nor are they all located in the areas of the body traditionally thought to hold chakras. As we age, the spin of these vortices is said to slow down and rotate at different speeds. Causing the body to begin to deteriorate. If the spin can be increased through doing these rites, we begin to feel, act and look younger.

In 1946 Peter Kelder re-published the book with an additional chapter, and today it is thought that only one copy remains. The editor of this 2008 edition of The Eye of Revelation, J.W. Watt, searched for years and finally found a copy in Canada. He then re-issued Peter Kelder’s original authentic 1946 edition.

However, between 1946 and today, other publishers have taken what knowledge they could glean about Kelder’s original book, added and deleted information, and republished the book under the name Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth. In fact two books with that same name have been published. Both of these have dozens of testimonials from people who have tried these rites with very positive results. A video and even a cookbook have been published, but all the basic original information about the rites is in this one little paperback, The Eye of Revelation, including instructions regarding mantras, how to use the word “aum” and how to change your diet to boost the effect of the rites.

After doing the rites for some years J.W. Watt says, “There is something very mysterious about the Ancient Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation: they work—against all odds, they actually work. We don’t know how, we don’t know why, but we truly believe that anyone giving the Rites a fair trial will meet with surprising success.”

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specializing in helping people learn how to let go of unproductive thinking (775) 786-9111.