Healthy Beginnings

Tea time: 6 functional teas to help with inflammation, immune system and more

Taking time out of a busy day to enjoy a steaming cup of tea is good for the soul —and the body if you select the right blend.

This month, Healthy Beginnings caught up with three Northern Nevada tea producers — BlendBee and Davidson’s Organics in Sparks, and Truckee Meadow Herb in Reno — to find out about their favorite functional teas for the season ahead. They didn’t disappoint.

Burn Baby Burn

— For inflammation

Burn Baby Burn by BlendBee is a green tea blend infused with organic turmeric powder, black paper and coconut and designed to reduce inflammation and assist in weight loss.

Mountain Matcha

— For energy and muscle recovery

Mountain Matcha by BlendBee is crafted with slow-release caffeine, an all-organic and premium-grade Matcha Green Tea Powder, and mixed with Ashwagandha root, Marshmallow root & Holy Basil to help reduce muscle soreness and inflammation.


— For sleep

Sleep by Davidson’s Organics is made with lavender flower to soothe a restless mind, chamomile to promote recovery from sleep and fight grogginess, and cooling gotu kola to help prevent interruptions in sleep from reactions to emotional imbalances like hot flashes. Along with cinnamon bark, licorice root and cardamom seed, the tea is designed to balance mind, body and emotional states.



— For digestion

Digest by Davidson’s Organics uses cumin and fennel seeds to combat gas, bloating and constipation, while ginger and peppermint counteract acid reflux, heartburn and nausea. Lastly, dandelion root works to offset slow digestion and lethargy after eating.


— For cold and flu

— Organic Cold and Flu Tea by Truckee Meadow Herbs combines peppermint, yarrow, elder, ginger and rose hip for a blend that aims to reduce the length of illness. Ginger boosts the immune system, peppermint and yarrow ease fevers and promote digestion, elder soothes swollen sinuses, and rose hip packs a punch of vitamin C.


— For immune support  

Astragalus root by Truckee Meadow Herbs is an adaptogen, meaning it boosts the adrenal system, which regulates the body’s responses to physical, mental and emotional stresses. It also contains abundant antioxidants and research has found it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Claire Cudahy is a special assignments reporter for the Sierra Nevada Media Group, which publishes Healthy Beginnings. Email her at with feedback.