Healthy Beginnings

Start Your Day Green

april14-RR-300pxAre you feeling fatigued frequently? Do you lack the energy to be productive at work? Do you just wish you could feel energized throughout your whole day, also in your personal life after work?

If your answer is “Yes,” this very easy, simple daily routine will activate your energy within a week! Simply charge your body in the morning with a green smoothie. It’s fast, effective and delicious!

If this is your first smoothie, blend, sip and chew…

  • 1 banana
  • 1 mango
  • Fill up your blender with spinach
  • Fill about 1/3 of the content with water, or fresh coconut water


  • Rotate your greens daily
  • Gradually add parsley, kale, cilantro, Swiss chard, mustard greens, etc.
  • Start with more fruit and less greens if the taste is difficult for you
  • Getting used to the greens? Take out the fruit and add more greens
  • Only combine green leafy vegetables with fruits
  • Pick some wild edibles and add them: nature’s true medicine and superfoods


  • Cravings disappear
  • Heals your digestion
  • Activates your focus
  • Reshapes your body
  • Generates energy
  • Elevates productivity