Healthy Beginnings

Smooth Power

SmoothPower300Not a fan of spinach? Smoothies are the best way to “yummify” non-desired greens and concentrate natural foods for peaking power! Even kids who turn their nose at leafy green vegetables will ask for more—especially when it’s liquefied and sweetened with their favorite fruits! A green smoothie for breakfast makes theirs–and your–day. It’s ready in one minute, saves a lot of time in the morning and adds loads of nutrients to your body. Spinach is an excellent choice of greens for your diet–with its soft, sweet and subtle tasty touch. But more importantly, it fires you up with proteins to build up muscles, iron for energy, omega 3 for better concentration, vitamin A for good sight, Calcium, Magnesium, vitamin K and D for healthy bones, E for shiny skin, anti-oxidants for eternal youth and trace minerals for alkaline blood. No matter how big or small, young or old, this beginner smoothie can tempt anyone to go powerful green.


A blender or a hand mixer
A knife


1 ripe banana
½ mango (optional but nice for a smooth first experience)
2 big hands full of fresh spinach
Spring water or fresh coconut water


Fill up your blender with the ingredients
Add water or coconut water about halfway
Blend until smooth


Always choose for organic vegetables and fruits for optimal health effects!
From here, you can add other greens such as kale, Swiss chard, collard greens, etc.
In winter, add a dash of cayenne pepper to get the glow
Experiment with how thick or thin you prefer your smoothie (add less or more fluid)
If thicker, you can serve your smoothie as a soup for even the pickiest eaters
Rotate your greens to avoid accumulation of oxalic acid
Smoothies are ideal to take to school or to work–as lunch or snack
Beginners: start with more fruits, less greens and gradually leave out more fruits as you add more greens
For more power, add superfoods such as Goji Berries, Maca, Hemp Seeds, etc.
A big green smoothie for breakfast takes care of constipation
Feeling sluggish? A green smoothie is a powerhouse of energizing nutrients
Always make your smoothies yummy! The possibilities are endless.

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