Healthy Beginnings

Slacking on your New Year’s Resolution? Get back on track

It’s March — the perfect time to get back on track to your New Year’s Resolution goals.

We are so excited to begin a new year! We are so excited that we often start planning the new year, while the old year still has plenty of steam!

In our effort to “put off until tomorrow,” we start saying (around Halloween), “This year is almost over and I’ve gotten so off-track, so I will start my new, healthy, bad self next year — right now I’ll have more of my kids’ Trick or Treat candy.”

What if we didn’t get “off track” and then have to get back “on track?” What if we simply followed our path — sometimes stopping to smell the roses, yet always having firm footing on our own track?

Now — yikes! — it’s March, and we’re back (you guessed it) off track again. Can you remember your goals, resolutions and intentions from January 1? What? Are you searching for your resolution list now? Can you find it, or is it being used to paper your parrot’s cage?

How do we, once again, get on track?

I own a yoga studio. One year I offered a challenge to my students — come to 30 yoga classes in the 30 days in September and receive 30 percent off the next pass you purchase (this was the challenge offered one September in the past).

Well, people love a challenge and I actually had quite a few people get their discount! One of the students asked me, “Kate, is there anything you can do every day for 30 days — besides yoga?” (I guess yoga didn’t count seeing as I was teaching pretty much every day at that time).

Well, I love a challenge too. I promptly forgot about the challenge until April 1, 2015, and then I realized that I couldn’t remember the last day I hadn’t taken my daily walk. So, I thought, “Let’s see if I can walk every single day for a year!” I thought that, by starting on April 1st, I could always claim “April Fool’s” if I failed.

However, I did not fail — and I have continued to walk every single day since that time (at least as of the writing of this article — 1/17/18). I didn’t put a lot of parameters on my walking (the more detailed the intention, the more of a chance of failure because it doesn’t look exactly as you thought it should look). The only requirement was to walk outside each and every day.

What I discovered is that, by making the decision to walk every day, it was actually easier to do it — I wasn’t deciding if I was going to walk every day. That decision was made. My only decision was when I was going to walk.

My one big tip for getting back on track for your 2018 goals is this — decide what you’re going to do, don’t make it too complicated (take away any unnecessary parameters), and then do it each day.

And, every day is a new day — it doesn’t matter if you messed up yesterday. Don’t throw this day away. Do it today. And, tomorrow is another day — and you do not have to worry about it today. Stay present.

In other words (to quote an old cheer), “take it easy, take it slow, but go … go … go!”

Reverend Dr. Kathaleen Martin-Midcalf is the founder and master teacher at The Yoga Pearl in Sparks, Nevada. She is an ordained minister who holds a bachelor’s degree in women’s studies, a master’s degree in natural health and a doctorate in natural health. For more information, call 775-750-7610 or visit