Healthy Beginnings


Join us for a weekend of expert keynote speakers from around the world, addressing revolutionary alternative health and wellness topics.

RENO, NV: Get ready for an inspiring weekend May 4-5 at The Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, dedicated to diverse presentations for the health and wellness enthusiast and professional on all things alternative. Private sector health care strategies are on the rise, awakening an underground global movement that offers alternatives to the pharmaceutical industry.

Are you tired of feeling foggy, low in energy, and/or are you in pain? Do you or a loved one suffer from conditions such as inflammation, anxiety, depression, cancer, autoimmune, autism, etc.? Or are you tired of being pegged into a wastebasket diagnosis, never really getting to the bottom of why you don’t feel and look your best? Are you seeking new avenues to improve your quality of life, and are tired of the prescription approach?

The longevity industry has set its roots in Southern California; however, Reno IS READY! We are bringing the crème de la crème in their fields to your backyard for some answers!

Our incredible global speakers at Bioregenesis Conference come from many different countries and backgrounds, such as Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, and Japan; all with the
intention to provide you with the latest and greatest in subjects: Stem cells, advancements in water, cutting edge nutritional and supplement support, cancer detoxification, CBD and
cannabis, marine plasma, energy medicine, the micro-biome and gut-brain connection, probiotics, holistic dentistry, mindful movement, EMF solutions, resonant sound frequencies,
quantum scalar plasma technology, magnets, infrared, and so much more! Big names in the wellness world, such as Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Chris Shade, and Dr. Tony Jimenez are flying to “The Biggest Little City” to speak on all kinds of progressive regeneration strategies.

You don’t want to miss the advanced knowledge that will be shared, networking opportunities, and the momentum of this gathering in propelling your own health in a more positive direction. Truly, this is the first event of its kind in Northern Nevada. Tickets can be found on our website below, and limited exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities are still available. Take back your power, be part of the discussion on how we are evolving our healthcare to new realms bridging science and consciousness here in Reno, NV, all happening the first weekend in May.

The revolution starts now! Visit to save your spot.