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Reverse Aging Naturally


Through scientific developments water, and now air, can be transformed organically via electrical energy fields. The book ‘Reverse Aging’ by engineer and medical patent inventor Sang Whang explores ionized living water filter systems, infrared saunas, minerals and magnetic energy, all of which he used to help treat his high blood pressure naturally.

Whang explains that the negative ionic energy fields, created by electrolysis and magnetic energy, break down large water molecule clusters into smaller hexagonally-shaped molecules. Science has proven that one glass of filtered, ionized alkaline water has a 6-10x higher hydration ratio than regular water. Additionally, electrolysis is used for purification in water systems by electrocuting the microbes in the water.

Ionized water systems can make super- to slightly-alkaline, neutral, or acidic water. All ionizers are not created equally. Some ionizers, water filter systems and bottled water may add chemicals labeled as “minerals” to raise the pH/alkalinity. Smart bottled water companies use “calcium” in marketing, but the label discloses it’s actually calcium chloride. It’s a great chemical if one is trying to sell more water, but this may explain hot flashes, nausea, extreme thirst and/or digestive issues. In addition, potassium, calcium and magnesium chemicals are now added to many water filter systems with health claims of “minerals” in their marketing.

The book further explores the importance of minerals, magnetic energy sleep systems, jewelry, insoles, braces and infrared saunas in treating the entire body for a multitude of conditions. Many people claim magnets have helped with pain, sleep and energy, with a multitude of other health benefits, Whang included.

Magnetic medical advances such as Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy devices are being utilized for many medical therapies as well, mostly in other countries, with 100s of studies on therapeutic benefits.

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