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Probiotics Implants. How Friendly Is Your Flora?

300-probioticsGreat health requires balance and one of the foundations of great health is an efficient digestive tract. However, maintaining the delicate microflora of the gut can be quite a juggling act of diet and lifestyle. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that reside in the colon. It is estimated that 100 trillion microorganisms of more than 500 different species inhabit a normal healthy bowel. The body works hard to maintain a balance between these helpful and harmful microorganisms. Poor diet, a weak immune system and prescription medication are just some of the things that can ‘throw off’ intestinal function.

Antibiotics are one of the biggest culprits since they kill not only the harmful but also the beneficial bacteria. The standard American diet (SAD) also wreaks havoc with friendly bacteria as the over use of sugar, wheat, dairy and processed food feeds candida, which then overruns the bowel without the proper balance of probiotics to keep it in check.

For people with allergies, irritable bowels, systemic candida, constipaton, and compromised immune systems, might consider colon hydrotherapy followed by a rectal infusion of probiotic is the answer. Implantation directly into the rectum greatly increases the absorption and effectiveness of probiotics since they are deposited directly into the sigmoid region of the colon and they do not have to survive the acid bath of the stomach in order to reach their destination.

Refloristation with probiotics fortifies the intestinal mucosa, which is an important factor in maintaining good immunity.

Probiotics can attach themselves to the bowel wall and help weaken intestinal decay, thereby enhancing the productivity of a colon hydrotherapy session. Removing toxins from the bowel with colon hydrotherapy and re-establishing a friendly balance with a probiotic implant enhances the immune system and improves digestive function. Systemic candida, chronic fatigue and other autoimmune conditions can be reduced by using these methods.

Friendly intestinal bacteria keep harmful microorganisms in check by improving digestive function and absorption, and strengthening the immune system. According to, research suggests that probiotics may help treat and prevent vaginal yeast infections, shorten the duration of intestinal infection, and treat irritable bowel syndrome. As a by-product of their metabolism, probiotics produce Lactoferrin, an iron binding protein needed to extract iron from the food we eat. Increased Lactoferrin may improve iron-assimilation defiencies. Probiotics help the body increase the production of enzymes and the absorption of vitamins and nutrients especially Vitamin B, Vitamin K, fatty acids and calcium.

A diet high in soluble fiber and phytonutrient rich food enriches the effectiveness probiotics. Combining proper diet with probiotic implants at the end of Colon Hydrotherapy sessions is a fabulous way to bump up the digestive and immune systems and can help to gain control over many unpleasant conditions.


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