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Ozone therapy gaining steam among alternative medical circles

Ozone therapy can treat issues such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease and more. Photo: iStock

The air we breathe is 80 percent nitrogen and 20 percent oxygen — or, O2 (two oxygen molecules bound together). Ozone is O3 (three oxygen molecules bound together).

Most people have only heard of ozone in regards to it being a part of what we now call “smog” or the “hole” in the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere that protects us from dangerous levels of radiation from the sun.

Medical ozone has been in use for almost half a century. It was first developed in Europe but quickly spread because it is very effective at curing many diseases.

To be sure, breathing ozone is a very bad idea. It is extremely toxic and irritating to the lung tissues. However, when administered in a treatment called “Major Autoheme,” where a blood sample is exposed to it outside the body and then re-injected, it has been found to be very safe.

In one study that covered 5,579,238 treatments, the occurrence of adverse reactions was only .0007 percent. Today, not even the use of aspirin could come close to that safety margin!

Medical ozone therapy has been used to treat a broad range of ailments, from arthritis, cancer and infectious disease to auto-immune and heart diseases.

With all the talk these days about how beneficial “anti-oxidants” are in promoting health, why on earth would someone want to put such a strong “oxidant” such as O3 into their body? It turns out that all the so-called “oxidative therapies” (of which ozone is a big one) are effective because they stimulate the body’s own anti-oxidant metabolic pathways.

It also turns out that when ozone is combined with another treatment called UVBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation), it becomes even more potent.

Some people say, “well, if they are so great, then why aren’t they more widely known and utilized?” It is an unfortunate fact that so-called “modern medicine” is a profit-driven pharmaceutical business that is more directed by the bottom line than by a desire to restore health. Both ultraviolet light and ozone are not patentable!

It is a known fact that many chronic diseases either are caused by or made worse by a decrease in oxygen utilization by the cells. It is also known that when blood is exposed to ozone, compounds known as ozonides are formed by interaction with proteins and fats in the blood.

These ozonides interact with other compounds inside the cells that stimulate oxygen utilization. This could explain the many and varied beneficial effects that have been noted by ozone using physicians.

More and more Alternative/Integrative Doctors in the U.S. are starting to provide these valuable treatments to their patients.

Dr. Robert A. Eslinger, D.O., H.M.D., specializes in cancer and chronic disease and is an integrative cancer doctor licensed to practice in California, Idaho and Nevada. He is head doctor at the Reno Integrative Medical Center. Visit or call 775-829-1009 to learn more.