Healthy Beginnings

Open your heart and mind: Celebrate your wins in 2019

Dr. Karla Moore performs a headstand at Hendry’s Beach in Santa Barbara, California. Photo: Alex Moore

The New Year invites wide-ranging possibilities and opportunities. I welcome you to open your heart and mind during a brief exercise. Grab your journal or a sheet of paper and a pen and get comfortable.

Begin with one minute (or more) of deep breathing — five seconds inhalation through your nose, expanding your abdomen fully with each breath — followed by five seconds of exhalation through your mouth. Repeat six times. This calms and gives us focus.

What are your dreams and desires for this year? Write down one or more things that you truly want to accomplish. Think about the steps you need to achieve this — the plan. Spend a few minutes writing these down (go back to this later for more depth).

Achievement takes time and extends well beyond setting a goal. Action is integral. What daily action will propel you continuously forward toward achieving your goals and ultimately your vision? It’s the small steps every single day that lead us ultimately to success.

As with most goals, achieving our best-ever health is multifactorial and it is with the integration of mind, body, spirit that we are able to achieve our desires. Through mindfulness, we are able to know our self by identifying our strengths and also our weaknesses.

When we are aware of the things that derail us from consistent forward movement, we can implement the tools necessary to overcome these obstacles. This awareness guides us in the type of help we need — these may be skills that we are not good at doing, possibly even hate doing. List the things that may sabotage or prevent you from taking action toward your desired goal. Spend a few minutes writing how you will you overcome these obstacles.

We all do it. We all have struggles. I struggle with asking for help and end up in the weeds over things that I am just not good at doing and that literally steal my joy.

At times it’s very easy for me to do, and other times, when I’m overwhelmed or caught up in the details, I forget that there are people who want to help me by using their unique skillset and passion that will allow me to do what I do best — getting women and men to their best-ever health without the use of drugs or surgery.

These are my family, friends, colleagues, mastermind groups — the support is there. Our community is full of professionals offering free classes and services.

Believing that we are capable of possessing the habits that will ultimately get us to our goal is necessary and will reinforce daily action. Be very specific on your strategy and imagine yourself possessing the characteristics, habits, knowledge and skills for achieving your goals.

Take action daily and remember to pace yourself. Adopt a “marathon” versus a “sprint” mindset. Measure progress through accomplishing specific tasks. Along the way, place importance on mini-rewards by celebrating your wins. Make this the best year ever through right action, goal accomplishment and celebration! Happy New Year!

Dr. Karla Moore is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, specializing in pelvic health and persistent pain. She is owner of NeuroFit Wellness & Physical Therapy in Reno. Contact her at or 775-360-5700. Visit to learn more.