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Nurture the Voice: Natural Remedies for Protecting the Art of Vocal Music


I have been fortunate to be a vocalist with the Nevada Opera for more than 30 years, and with the Reno Philharmonic chorus for many years. During this time I treated lead singers for the Opera who became ill before their performances, and I have a successful track record for getting them on stage with good voice for the opening show.

In the past, I have also treated many of the headliners at one of our venerable casinos for around 20 years. One of the great stories in treating famous singers and entertainers includes my treating of “LL.” She had just own in from England and lost her voice after the first show. The VP at the hotel casino called me stating that she had lost her voice and hoped I could come over right away because there was a full house for her second show. I went to the office and drew up an adrenal B12 and folic acid shot, along with some Procaine, Traumeel, Kenalog and Bacillus firmus in a syringe.

I met her backstage and offered her the adrenal shot, and she said, “I don’t do needles.” So, I squirted her throat with the new Traumeel concoction. She was completely without voice when I arrived. After the first squirt she had a little voice. Then, after the second a little more and after the third squirt in her throat she had her full voice. We were both astounded and she sang the whole second show. I was back stage and tried to slow down her growling and stressing of her voice, but she kept it up and sang flawlessly.

Since then, generations of Reno and international singers and performers have used what we call the “LL spray” to bail them out of vocal disasters before performances. We still support vocalists and entertainers from around the world with this preparation.

Hormonal, Homeopathic Remedies and Nutrients for the Voice

Hoarseness is very common in low thyroid conditions. As the reader may know, there are many signs and symptoms of low thyroid, which do not correspond to usual thyroid hormone blood tests. Adding natural, porcine thyroid or bioidentical T3 and/or T4 can be very important to cure hoarseness, especially with aging and after childbirth. Your integrative and homeopathic medical practitioners can guide you in safe thyroid replacement strategies.

Homeopathic Gelsemium is great for all forms of paralysis and especially loss of voice, and Causticum is another favorite for hoarseness. There are many homeopathic remedies that affect the voice.

Vitamins including vitamin A and C support the vocal apparatus. Tea tree oil swabs in the throat and 3 percent food grade peroxide gargling can help protect the voice from infections.

Avoiding dairy products, especially cow’s milk, can relieve excessive mucus drainage from the sinuses on the vocal chords. Giving enzymes, either pancreatic enzymes and/ or papain from papaya and bromelains from the pineapple plant taken between meals, can help digest mucus and reduce inflammation. Products such as AllerDHQ or D-Hist contain dihydroquercetin, a bio flavonoid related to rutin from a Russian Larch tree, which stabilizes the mast cells (which release histamine and combat allergic reactions). Other ingredients include bromelains from the pineapple plant, which is anti-inflammatory, N acetyl cysteine, a precursor to glutathione, our body’s premier antioxidant, and Nettles, a famous herbal remedy for allergies.

Taking care of voices has long been one of our specialty services. When one’s livelihood depends on the proper functioning of the vocal apparatus, having a powerful repertoire of natural remedies is very important.

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