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Natural Asthma Remedies for Kids

B12 Deficiency and Childhood Asthma

Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD, the fearless leader in integrative medicine has long espoused using B12 injections for treating childhood asthma. He cites many articles from 1931 onward that demonstrate hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid) in infants and adults, which can be normalized with parenteral (shots under the skin) B12 injections. One study from 1935 found that 88 percent of children with asthma, from one to 10 years old, had low free acidity. Another study found that after gastric (stomach) and jejunal (small intestine) biopsies from patients with asthma after having a single dose of cow’s milk, resulted in 80 percent subtotal villous atrophy (breakdown of the stomach lining).

In a 1979 study, it was determined that children with milk allergies had flattened, disorganized gastric villi (stomach lining). Besides allergy elimination, he found that administering betaine hydrochloride-with pepsin (stomach acid stimulators) was also helpful in children and adults. The use of fish oils, magnesium, B6 and vitamin C also improved outcomes.


Of the thousands of herbs around the world for pulmonary conditions, Olbas from Switzerland is most helpful. Olbas oil contains Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Cajeput (Tea Tree Oil), Juniper, Wintergreen and Clove oils. It can be applied in the vaporizer at night, on the pajamas, directly on the chest in adults, in the bath or shower and rubbed between the hands and breathed in for acute congestion. It is particularly wonderful in the steam bath with drops under the steam outlet. It is also a great analgesic after workouts or for any sore muscles. Olbas cough syrup is very effective and gentle and contains the Olbas oil plus Thyme extract,Licorice Extract, Plantain Extract, Horse Chestnut Extract and Pine Extract with wildflower honey. The pastilles, cough drops, are also very strong.

Homeopathic Complex Remedies

Every homeopathic company has complex (multiple) homeopathic remedies for the respiratory system. Remember X’s mean the substance has been diluted 10 times, so they are very diluted and safe. “4X,” for example means the substance has been diluted 10 times for four times. By the way, C’s are a hundred fold dilutions. Some remedies go as high as 50,000 C, or higher. These are all low dose remedies.

For example, the Tartephedreel from the Heel Company in Germany should be used as followed: 10 drops three times per day under the tongue. In acute disorders, use 10 drops every 15 minutes for two hours. Five drops for infants and children. It is useful for respiratory tract infection, laryngitis, bronchitis and particularly asthma and coughs. It is great for children and infants!


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