Healthy Beginnings

Move better, feel better, be better in 2018 with the Feldenkrais Method

Increasing body awareness can help update your “brain map” — so you’re more alert and connected.

If you’ve heard lately that increasing your body-awareness increases brain power, this article will tell you more about it.

Basically, awareness strengthens your neural pathways, and your nervous system updates your ​“brain map”​ — so you’re more alert and connected to yourself, brain and body.

Body-awareness means being in your body more intentionally: sensing where you are in space, how you move and feel, and being more present and mindful. This gives you amazing, wide-reaching results.

Studies actually show that you unlock​ creativity, increase​​ self-confidence, and boost productivity and wellbeing; you feel more relaxed and effective, and can communicate and relate better. All this starts to happen naturally when you pay more attention to your body, movement habits and patterns.

Here’s how to start the process,​ but remember — reading won’t ​change a thing​. You actually have to DO it to become more aware and get the benefits. So here you go!

​First, notice what you already know about yourself​ and ​your movement. If you’re not sure, make your best guess, then check it out:

  • Which foot do you start on when you walk?
  • Do you always use the same hand to open a door, scroll through your phone or use your mouse?
  • Do you feel your back or bottom when ​you ​sit ​down or ​drive?
  • Which leg/foot do you stand on more?
  • Whe​n you walk, do you look at the horizon,​ or toward​ ​the ground or sky?

​Intentionally noticing​ what you do with yourself is ​simple, fun and, hopefully, non-judgmental. Best of all, it activates body-awareness, and you can start right here, right now: you’ve already got everything you need — you don’t even have to buy special clothes!

The very cool part is as soon as you start noticing yourself like this, you turn your awareness switch ON! You’re paying attention to yourself in a new and different way; you’ve taken the first steps on an exciting and transformative path, no matter what your age or condition.

Throughout 2018, we’ll focus on something special every month to wake up the brain, improve movement, feel better in our bodies and help us to be more vital, creative and aware human BE-ings in everything we do. Have a great holiday! See you in the New Year!

Carole Bucher, BA, is a Guild-Certified Feldenkrais practitioner/teacher and owner of Reno Feldenkrais Integrative Movement. Visit to learn more.