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Mistletoe and Wormwood: Powerful Cancer Fighters Most People Don’t Know About

These two unique herbs are gaining notoriety as being among the safest natural remedies for treating cancer – each boasting a solid, evidence-based track record of success.

Mistletoe has long been used throughout Europe and other areas as a medicine to treat cancer. Only just now is it starting to make its way to North America for this purpose.

Wormwood is the herb used in the distillation of botanical absinthe that the Bible mentions as being symbolically representative of one of God’s holy judgments. In the past it has also been used to eliminate intestinal parasites.

The extract of sweet wormwood, which scientists have dubbed “artemisinin,” contains powerful anti-cancer compounds that have long been used throughout China and elsewhere to naturally keep cancer at bay.

Both mistletoe and artemisinin are currently at the forefront of modern holistic cancer research. They function complementarily when it comes to how they target and destroy cancer cells.

One modulates the immune system in order to better destroy cancer cells. The other essentially tricks cancer cells into accepting a nutrient they need for survival… only to then present them with a hidden “Trojan Horse” killer that stops the cancer cells dead in their tracks.

Mistletoe is actually poisonous when consumed improperly, but is powerfully medicinal when used appropriately. It grows on a variety of host plants such as pine, r, spruce, apple, oak and poplar. Over 1,200 varieties are found in nature.

The ancient Greeks used mistletoe to treat all sorts of health conditions ranging from menstrual cramps to organ damage. Because of its exceptional ability to survive harsh winters, the Celtic Druids, as far back as the 1st century AD, looked to mistletoe as being a sacred symbol of vivacity and fertility.

Mistletoe contains certain lectins, or proteins, that are selectively cytotoxic (toxic) to cancer cells. They basically inhibit other proteins that, if left unchecked, will trigger cancer cell replication and the formation of tumors.

Sweet wormwood (artemisinin) has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat conditions such as hemorrhoids, intestinal parasites and malaria. When it is used in combination with iron, it has been found to be a potent anti-cancer remedy.

When artemisinin is exposed to iron it releases a cascade of free radicals that are deadly to cancer cells. As it turns out, cancer cells contain considerably more iron than normal cells. This potential is further amplified when iron is administered just prior to the artemisinin.

These two plants, when used in combination with other holistic/natural therapies, o er an even more powerful approach to defeating cancer than we have had in the past without the bad side effects of conventional therapies.

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