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The average American spends $800-$900 on Christmas gifts, according to the American Consumer Credit Council. Other common holiday expenses include entertaining at home, dining out and hosting company parties. LiveLocal RenoSparks, a new Nevada nonprofit, is launching “KEEP YOUR MONEY HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS,” a campaign to educate consumers on the benefits of spending holiday dollars at locally owned businesses. According to several national studies, for every $100 spent at an independent business, $68 returns to the local community compared to $43 at a national chain store/restaurant.

Locally owned businesses reinvest in the local economy at a 60 percent higher rate than chains, and profits generally circulate two to four times in the local economy versus leaving the state as corporate profits and franchise fees.

Consumers have the opportunity to help create a vibrant local economy by purchasing holiday gifts/gift cards and groceries from independent local merchants, and planning holiday meals and parties at locally owned restaurants, cafes, wine bars, casinos, etc.

To identify locally owned businesses, visit when making purchase decisions, and “choose local first” whenever possible. Work on shopping at locally owned franchises first, at a chain store as a secondary choice, and shop online as a last resort. Out of state online purchases are the worst options for the local economy, as they create no local jobs or sales tax revenue.

LiveLocal RenoSparks is one of the first in the country to build a free online directory of all locally owned businesses, and the current database includes 2,800 businesses. Local business owners can check the search engine for their free listing, and enter their company information if not already included. The website listing includes a business name, location, phone number, link to business website and search map to location. To help support this program, LiveLocal RenoSparks is building a Co-Op to offer local business owners marketing support, networking opportunities and the latest internet tools designed to help locally owned businesses succeed.

Keep Your Money Home for the Holidays begins the momentum for the “SHIFT 10% in 2011” campaign that encourages citizens to support the community by supporting locally owned businesses. Shifting just 10 percent of spending in RenoSparks from non-locally owned to locally owned businesses can result in over $350 million dollars staying in the local economy, annually. It’s not about politics. It’s about this community, and funding for schools, fire/police departments, roads, parks, libraries and all the things that make Reno/Sparks a great place to live. Remember:




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