Healthy Beginnings

Why Juice? 4 Benefits of Getting Your Juice on This Spring

  1. Juice delivers nutrients quickly to the body be- cause it’s in a liquid – digestible – form, not requiring the time for digestion. This guarantees maximum retention, minimum energy for digestion and an immediate boost of energy.
  2. You won’t have an energy crash, as the juice sustains natural energy from the vitamin make-up of the fruits and vegetables.
  3. The cold-pressed juicing method leaves the fruits and vegetables raw – meaning no heat applied (which usually kills 50 percent or more of the food’s nutritional value). So, you are getting the “biggest bang for your buck.”
  4. Juicing makes it easy to consume our recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables because consuming juice is less dense than eating a full-fledge meal. With juicing, you are getting 4 pounds of produce. Four pounds!

What exactly is the “cold-pressed juicing method?”

The cold-pressed juicing method enables juice to be bottled (without preservatives) and still maintain a 72- hour shelf life. Household juicers – typically centrifugal – act as a significantly faster processing method, but are less efficient. As the blade inside a centrifugal juicer spins at a high speed, it generates heat, which no longer makes the produce “raw.” The heat also oxidizes and separates nutrients naturally found in the fruits and vegetables, where the cold-pressed method retains its nutritional impact by simply pressing.

The hydraulic cold-pressed method of juice extraction provides a minimum mixing of air with the juices, which results in very slow oxidation, or decomposition. The tremendous pressure exerted by the juice press gently and completely extracts the natural fruit sugars, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes and other vital elements.

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