Healthy Beginnings

Integrated wellness coaching can release pain for long-ago experiences

Integrative wellness coaching can give you the tools to dig deep to identify the pain. Photo: Getty Images

I’m the oldest of three siblings from a single-parent home. My mother was thrust into the workplace, without any formal training or post secondary education. She had to take what she could, often falling short on basics.

While she hustled to keep food on the table, the responsibility of maintaining the household fell to me. I was a latchkey child faced with an empty house every day.

Arriving before my siblings, dinner needed to be ready, clothes washed and the house tidied to meet my mother’s pristine expectations. I yielded calls from bill collectors, wrote checks to pay utility bills and struggled to keep up with homework for school.

I took these responsibilities seriously — I am a Virgo after all — and executed chores to perfection. My only hope was to please my mother. I wanted to make her happy. I could see her pain when she was short tempered. I felt her sorrow when she rifled through the pile of bills. I wanted my mother to love me and no matter what I did, I could not ease her pain.

In other words, I became an adult at age 7.

My childhood experiences morphed into a “type A” personality. At first glance, that would appear to be a good thing. I would survive no matter what was thrown in front of me. I rejected marriage and family, and embarked on my journey to “have the life I wanted.”

I was successful, educated, well traveled and fit. I accomplished more than anyone else in my family. I had it all. And then I crashed. My health took a nosedive, in spite of my good practices. I had no job, no car and worst of all, no insurance.

The demons of my childhood reared their ugly heads and took hold of my life. I was scared that I would end up like my mother — dodging bill collectors with nothing to eat by the end of the week. My mind replayed everyday from my childhood. The stress of those experiences fueled my failing health. I felt out of control and completely alone.

I had to get to the source to end the downward spiral. I had to remove the pain from years ago in order to heal my body.

I discovered integrative wellness coaching — it can give you the tools to dig deep to identify the pain. Then, you can release the pain from those experiences from long ago and allow holistic wellness to embrace your life.

Childhood health encompasses not only meeting the needs of a child’s physical well being, it includes mental, emotional and spiritual security. Childhood incidents etch themselves so deep that often times as an adult, we are unaware that those events dictate our responses and affect our adult lives.

Health is integrative. Our lives depend on it.

Bri Zackery is an Integrative Wellness Coach who writes regularly on her blog, HolisticYou.Online. Call 775-525-1869 or email her at to learn more.