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Healthy recipe: Make crunchy crackers to replace the bread in your diet

Get creative with different seeds to create these healthy, crunchy crackers.

It takes a mind shift to wrap your head around the fact that your daily bread may not be as healthy as you were told all your life.

The many additives, pesticides, animal waste products and chemicals are turning your tasty sandwich into indigestible food. And what you can’t digest will be stored as fat — on your belly, your thighs and your hips.

We’re not even talking about the gluten, which sticks to your colon wall as glue, causing discomfort, fatigue, brain fog and chronic issues.

“What? No more bread?!” The thought of leaving out one of the foundational pillars of your trusted diet can be a scare. But if you’ve tried it before, you may have felt how your energy and focus increased when you stopped eating bread, even if it was only for a week. Nevertheless, temptation is around every corner, in every restaurant, with every meal you serve — and when someone says: “Can you pass the bread please?”

What will help you to stay on track with your intention to cut out what weighs you down and wears you out is being prepared for those shared moments. Replace your craving for bread with these crunchy crackers that add flavor, elegance and pleasure to your plate:



  • Dehydrator or oven (at lowest temperature and the door slightly opened)
  • A big mixing bowl
  • Spatula or knife



  • If you want to use the suggested sprouted buckwheat (which I can warmly recommend; it makes the crackers light and adds many energizing nutrients), soak 2 cups of buckwheat seeds for 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly and let them sprout in a plastic sieve for 1 day.
  • Rinse now and then so the seeds stay moist and clean. You can use what you need for the crackers while they are still wet — from there, dry out the rest for use next time. Or, you can make a big batch and store it all in a glass jar in your pantry for future use.


INGREDIENTS (double up if you want to make a stack for your pantry)

2 cups sunflower seeds

1 cup white sesame seeds

1 cup black sesame seeds

2 cups sprouted buckwheat seeds (wet or dried: instructions above)

1 cup golden flaxseeds

1 cup brown flaxseeds

½ cup Chia seeds

1 celery stalk

½ tsp sea salt (to taste)

2 to 3 cups of spring water



  • Take 1 cup of flaxseeds and mix with 1 cup of water, stir and let sit to thicken up.
  • Throw all the seeds and the salt in a big bowl, mix well with your hands.
  • Blend the celery stalk with 1 cup of water.
  • Mix everything you have together in the bowl with a spatula (flax-gel included).
  • Taste and add a little bit more salt and the last cup of water if needed.
  • You want a thick, sticky consistency that you can easily spread.
  • Spread a thick layer on top of a Teflex sheet or baking paper.
  • Take a knife and draw horizontal and vertical lines to shape your crackers.
  • Dry your trays in a dehydrator or oven at 108°F for 5 to 6 hours.
  • Flip the crackers onto the mesh screen of your tray or a grill in the oven.
  • Keep drying overnight until you have a crunchy, completely dry result.
  • Cool off, break into their shapes and store in a sealed container.



  • After making this neutral cracker, experiment with herbs and spices next time.
  • This is no rocket science: you can use any seed you like and change amounts.
  • Play with the shapes — make round, oval, small or big crackers.
  • Always make more — everyone loves them.
  • Perfect in-between snack to pick up your craving for something crunchy.
  • Wrapped in baking paper, they fit every little hip purse and business lunch.
  • They taste wonderful with a rich layer of fresh guacamole.
  • Make more when you have to travel and pop them in your suitcase.
  • These crackers stay well for weeks.

Marie-Claire Hermans became an energy coach with Energy for Experts after surviving a killer cocktail of six disabling diseases, cracking the code of complete exhaustion, and healing two remaining so called “incurable” diseases by mastering her diet, mindset and self-care. She specializes in showing people how they can generate the energy they desire to express their full potential and live their ideal lifestyle. Visit to learn more and to book a free conversation.