Healthy Beginnings

Healthy Halloween

Lift their spirits with a healthier treat!

Instead of handing out candy, why not try these non-food items:

• Halloween stickers

• Spooky tattoos

• Halloween pencils or pens

• Mini stamps

• Toy insects

• Bouncy balls

• Bubbles

• Bat or spider rings

• Friendship bracelets or rings

• Vampire fangs

• Noisemakers

• Mini books

• Glow sticks, bracelets or necklaces

• Whistles

• Play-doh

• Lip Smackers (or something similar)

• Squishy eyeballs

• Finger puppets

• Spooky erasers

• Coupons (from local restaurants, children’s stores, etc)

• Creepy magnets

• Halloween coloring sheets

• Black, orange and green hair accessories

• Mini games

• Nail stickers

• Stick-on earrings

If you must hand out candy or food…try these healthier alternatives:

• Dark Chocolate pieces

• Panda black or red licorice

• Chocolate covered raisins

• Goldfish or Annie’s Cheddar or Graham Bunnies (snack packs)

• Pretzels (snack packs)

• Florida’s Natural Fruit Juice Nuggets

• Fruit Roll-Ups “Simply” snacks

• Gum (that’s good for their teeth)

• Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice Marshmallow Treats (individually wrapped)

• Trader Joe’s Omega Trek Mix (individually wrapped)

• Knudsen Organic Mulling Spices (individually wrapped)

• Knudsen Fruit Spritzers (cans)

• 100% Juice, juice boxes

• Pirate’s Booty (individual bags)

• Kettle corn (individual bags)

• Mini granola bars (individually wrapped)

• Emergen-C supplement packs (they fizz)

*Check out Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and local health food stores for more alternative candies