Healthy Beginnings

Healthy eating, supplements keys to skin health maintenance

Smooth, clear skin is possible with a little work. Photo: CyberLink

We are all looking for the fountain of youth, especially when talking about the skin. It is so smooth and plump when we are young and then as we age … yikes, we begin looking for HELP!

Our skin is important to our body because it is the largest organ. Not only does it hold us all together (bones, muscles and organs) it helps to rid the body of toxins and impurities through perspiration, toxins that would otherwise cause harm to our kidneys, liver and other organs.

Cleansing the body of toxins and parasites will also help the skin to function at a much higher level. When the skin is not working up to par, the impurities, dead cells, uric acid and other toxins will be deposited in our tissues or on the skin’s surface.

So, start with a good complete, whole-body cleanse and notice how your skin will begin to get that glow back.

After getting the body on the right track, you can start with adding some good supplements to support the body, especially the skin. Collagen, in all types, will help with different functions from preventing sagging muscles to wrinkles. Think Christie Brinkley and her “anti-aging” look.

Adding a good Vitamin C serum in conjunction with a collagen on dry areas will improve skin tone and slightly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C with bioflavonoids taken internally is necessary for the formation of collagen and strengthens the capillaries that feed the skin.

MSM (often used in joint relief products) is another supplement that has been showing up in more and more skin and hair supplements. It helps with preventing wrinkles and can also be used in cases of scar tissue.

Taking it internally or mixing it in a cream with flax, primrose or coconut oil has been shown to be of great benefit. And of course, adding essential oils like frankincense or patchouli will be a good addition to smooth, hydrate and soften the skin.

And of course, we need to remember to take good care of our skin by eating a well-balanced diet and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Adding good pure water and avoiding things like smoking, alcohol and caffeine will prevent the skin from drying out and causing more wrinkling. Applying sunscreen when going outside will go a long ways in preventing long-term skin damage.

Avoid using harsh soaps or solid cleansing creams on your face. A natural, gentle soap on your skin, with ingredients like goat milk with essential oils, is really the best.

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So let’s get younger by taking care of your skin on a daily basis and reap the benefits of feeling better all over.

Elaine Brooks is owner of The Herb Lady, located in Sparks. Visit or call 775-356-1499 to learn more.