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The Health Benefits of Baby Massage


What is baby massage?

Baby massage is when a parent or caregiver uses any set of intentional massage strokes to relax, soothe or simply connect with their baby. In the past, massage has often been seen as a luxury item, but it is now taking its rightful place amongst other health care practices such as chiropractic care and acupuncture. As awareness of the many bene ts of massage expands, so does the interest in massage for adults, children and, yes, even babies.

But my baby’s muscles aren’t sore, why would she need a massage?

There are many benefits of massage other than relieving muscular soreness. Scanning the list of benefits of baby massage on the International Association of Infant Massage website, you’ll find that baby massage can: increase body awareness, relieve gas and colic, ease pain associated with teething, reduce stress hormones, and improve sleep patterns.

It is typically one of these five main benefits that draws families into a baby massage class. Parents do find each of these benefits helpful in their day-to-day lives with a baby, but what parents talk about the most after taking a baby massage class is being able to read their baby’s cues more quickly and more accurately.

How can massage help me understand my baby’s cues?

Baby massage classes help parents listen and look more closely at baby cues of interest and disinterest. As parents are guided through a stroke-by-stroke massage, they will quickly tune in to which strokes and what pressure their baby likes. Massage creates an opportunity for new parents to concentrate solely on the wants of their little one. This kind of deep listening and observing will assist parents in addressing the needs of their baby in all other settings as well. Baby massage can be a great tool for new parents as they adjust to their new life with baby.

Where can I attend a baby massage class?

The Nurturing Nest offers baby massage classes taught by Erin Hansen. Erin is a licensed massage therapist and a certified educator of infant massage. In addition to teaching community baby massage classes, she also specializes in pregnancy and therapeutic massage for adults.

For more information, call The Nurturing Nest at 775-825-0800 or visit