Healthy Beginnings

Groovy Ginger Granny

The simplest foods in our diet are often the ones that can make the most essential differences in your life. Apples, for instance; they became so common that we hardly ever think of the impact they can have on our health. Did you know that one apple a day decreases the risk of diabetes type II? Or that they whiten your teeth? Did you know the fiber helps you control your weight and cholesterol, keeping your colon healthy and protecting you against Parkinson’s? Or that you can prevent Alzheimer’s by drinking fresh apple juice every day? Here is a delicious special treat that will turn you into a spicy, smart and groovy granny!


A juicer (any juicer will do)


4 Granny apples

1 inch piece of ginger

1 lemon


Cut everything into pieces

Juice while singing

Take out your favorite glasses

Finish with ice and some green


– Always buy organic fruits to juice

– Organic lemon can be juiced with the peel

– The skin of organic apples and lemon helps prevent cancer

– Juicing the core/pits of apples also combats cancer

– Make your ice of spring water and add edible flowers

– Turn this juice into healthy ice popsicles in summer

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Marie-Claire started “Ravishing Raw” after curing herself from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, with raw food. As a raw food coach, she specializes in offering professional help to those who are suffering from similar debilitating conditions. Along with her expertise in jazz music management and booking work, she helps world class artists – challenged by their demanding lifestyle – find solutions to improve their health.