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Feng Shui Facts & Fiction

Written By Rebecca Moore |

Is there an optimal time to use feng shui? Yes, when you are selecting a home or business site, or choosing land to build on; whether it is a home, business or large scale development. Why? Selecting a property with excellent outside form allows you the greatest opportunity for success.

Outside form refers to the entire outside surrounding environment. Many do not understand the extent of influence that outside form has on people. When purchasing a property with correct outside form, you can alter the energy inside to make the structure even better. On the contrary, negative outside form can rarely be corrected, and nothing done inside can offset that.

For a home, a qualified consultant can help you choose a property that is conducive for positive health and prosperity. For a business, the right location equals long term success, strong management and a productive staff.

Feng shui is about energy and relationships. Just as you feel better when you have positive and healthy relationships with others, you will benefit when your outside form has a positive and enhancing relationship with your home or business.

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