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Feng Shui Facts & Fiction

Written By Rebecca Moore |

I enjoy hearing from readers who call with questions, and have an interest in Feng Shui. One reader expressed his concerns that I’m using scare tactics to gain business. Of course, this is not my intention. My intent is to inform people of two key points:

One: There are two types of Feng Shui–Traditional and New Age. One should not be confused with the other; there is no comparison and they are completely unrelated. Feng Shui is mocked by the media, yet Traditional is seriously employed by the elite. From a Traditional perspective, some New Age methods, such as the use of water fountains and painting doors red, could be considered harmful.

Two: You are greatly influenced by your home. Everything is energy. Think of the human body–everyone has their own unique energy field. Your home is similar–it has its own energy field and you, as an occupant living within that field, are affected by its energy. The possible influences of a home, listed in my articles, are not intended to scare anyone but rather to provide examples with which people can identify.

I recently had a client who read and followed the recommendations of some New Age books, including the placement of water fountains. After no improvement, she called me. She had placed a fountain in a harmful energy sector and a family member had a severe car accident. My client quickly implemented the changes I suggested and within five weeks, she received a promotion at work.

Feng Shui is not magic or superstition, it is merely a tool to help us improve our lives.

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