Healthy Beginnings

Feng Shui Facts & Fiction

Written By Rebecca Moore |

Are there other factors besides lifestyle that can influence weight gain? Yes. The energy of a home can influence weight gain based on the shape of the house, the location of the kitchen, and the wall colors and amount of clutter in certain sectors. Furniture placement within the home and the bedroom can also influence one’s weight.

When a person struggles with weight issues, they may be attracted to the energy of a house in which the outside form and shape of the house supports weight gain, making it difficult to lose weight. Their choice of furniture arrangement inside their house can have a similar result. With the use of Feng Shui, furniture placement can be changed to encourage weight loss.

Another factor to consider is one’s Ba Zi chart. Ba Zi, also known as Four Pillars, is a method of Chinese astrology that explains one’s personality traits and decision making process. It is a personal blueprint and can identify if someone has a tendency towards weight gain, where the weight is most likely to be gained, and how the seasons might influence both. With the knowledge gained from a Ba Zi reading, one can learn the foods to avoid and the time of day to exercise to help achieve weight loss.

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