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Feng Shui Facts & Fiction

Written By Rebecca Moore |

Is it important that a Feng Shui consultant be certified? No.

Across the globe, there are many schools teaching various methods of feng shui, and offering certificate programs. Unfortunately, there are no standards of measurement to determine when someone is qualified to practice feng shui.

In this profession, every consultant is unique based on their training, experience, skills and knowledge. The fact that an individual has not experienced the desired outcome, based on the recommendations from one consultant, doesn’t mean they won’t achieve success from a different one. As an example, a client of mine was previously told by another consultant that her house received too much energy, and to place mirrors around the inside of her front door. Conversely, I found that her house in fact received very little energy and the mirrors made it worse, resulting in financial problems.

Reflecting on my experience, after I received my first certificate, I never saw results from what I learned. My second program of study opened my eyes to the depth of feng shui and finally, after training with a feng shui master for eight years, I now see great results.

Although a certificate is not required to be proficient in feng shui, it does require years of strict training and serious dedication. Since feng shui is a science that focuses on unseen energies, it cannot be learned from a book or a few classes; it is best shown through the hands-on training of an expert.

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