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Feng Shui Facts & Fiction

Written By Rebecca Moore |

Western Feng Shui has become a marketing powerhouse, promoting the use of objects as cures and water fountains for prosperity. These are great if you enjoy them, but think about it logically:

• If a sector of your home is so dangerous it needs a cure, is a small figurine really going to help?

• Can a little bagua mirror really deflect a large expanse of energy movement?

• Will man-made objects like crystals and wind chimes really disperse the natural occurring energies of the environment?

Each year there are different sensitive sectors of your home or business that are at risk of activating harmful energies. Most dangerous energies are activated by digging and remodeling. Turning on a water fountain in these sectors might also activate harmful energies. Metal wind chimes in certain sectors can even cause problems.

Activating a harmful energy can lead to arguments, car accidents, job loss and accidents that injure your body. There is a way to avoid these harmful energies, but not through the use of objects. Think of a mud puddle–you know its there; you can walk around it; you don’t have to step in it.

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