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Feng Shui Facts and Fiction

Written by Rebecca Moore |

Can children benefit from the use of feng shui? Yes, because children especially respond to the energy of their environment.

The location of bedrooms within the home can influence a child’s personality and behavior, and can influence defiance and misbehavior. Furniture placement within the bedroom can influence energy level or weight gain. A messy room, with piles of toys and clothes, will increase these influences.

Bedrooms are important because this is where children spend the most time. Avoid clutter by storing things in furniture and closets. Light to medium paint colors are best, while bright colors should be avoided as they can increase hyperactivity in children.

Beds should be placed with headboards against the wall with open space around the other three sides and nothing stored underneath. It is best to avoid bunk beds and canopies.

The best use of feng shui for children is to help them become better students. There are many methods to take advantage of these energies–location, direction, furniture placement, annual energies and more.