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February Publisher’s Letter

  • January 25, 2019
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  • By Dawn Gowery | Healthy Beginnings
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Dawn Gowery

Dear Readers,

February is the month of the heart. Even though we should be concerned with heart health daily, February brings to mind Valentine’s Day, the commercial time we celebrate our loved ones.

However, there was a Saint Valentine. Wikipedia states: “He is the patron saint of lovers, epileptics, and beekeepers. By some accounts, St. Valentine was a Roman priest and physician who suffered martyrdom during the persecution of Christians by the emperor Claudius II Gothicus about 270.”

I encountered a modern Saint Valentine as I was driving to Reno from Houston. My route took me through Phoenix, and there I had a divine intervention — an angel looking out for me.

This was the chain of events. I left my hotel in Avondale with 30 miles of gas in the car. My plan as always was to gas up before I headed out of the city. Google Maps took me through a rural area, and as I was driving, I thought, “where are the gas stations?” I finally stopped a rancher and his two horses for gas directions — he pointed me in the right direction and all was good.

At the gas station, I found that my cargo trailer lights were no longer working. By now I was a good 30 minutes out of Phoenix, so I called Sun City RV, and the man on the phone was very helpful; he said, “bring her in and we will fix you up.” I told him where I was, and he said, “well, you will have to turn around — there is not a repair shop until Wickenburg.” Wickenburg was about 40 miles north, and driving without trailer lights would be too dangerous.

I drove the 30 miles back to Phoenix, and sure enough, they were ready for me. I thought it must be a fuse. As the mechanic looked at my rig, he asked, “how many times does your trailer hitch hit the road?”

He said my trailer hitch was low to the ground. I had to respond, telling him it hits the road every time I go in and out of a gas station. “That is not safe,” he said. “We can fix this for you.” He said all we must do is flip the tongue hitch, which is an easy fix. I said, “OK — I want to be safe.”

He brought out a forklift and lifted my trailer up off my car; that’s also when he found that the ground wire had come loose from the trailer’s electrical lights. He screwed it back in, and that fixed the light problem.

He then took off my hitch, but could not get the ball off without sawing it off, so he ended up putting on a new ball. He flipped the tongue hitch, and lo and behold, the trailer evened out and I was safe.

I was there for two and half hours. I thought, ”oh boy, this is going to be a big bill.” I was thinking at least $150 or more. The bill ended up being $11.86. “That’s ALL?” I asked. I was so astonished that they didn’t take advantage of me, as I was a single lady just passing through.

As I was there, I spoke with everyone and I watched what Mo, the mechanic, was doing, and we learned a bit about one another. We both had military backgrounds, and I told Mo, “I’m glad this happened to me here near Phoenix rather being in the middle of nowhere,” stressing that I always try to find the positive. He said that his main goal was to make sure I was safe out on the road.

Thank you, Mo, and the entire team at Sun City RV!

The point of this story is that there are everyday angels — there are good people everywhere, and being in a good relationship with someone and helping others makes one’s life more fulfilling.

These acts of kindness strengthen our heart muscle for both the doer and the receiver, physically and mentally!

To your Health and Happiness,

Dawn Gowery

Publisher, Healthy Beginnings