Healthy Beginnings

Family not on board with your new eating habits? Here are 3 tips

Plant-based diets encourage a stronger immune system, keep excess weight at bay, and improve your vision, skin and heart. Courtesy photo

Every Kaia FIT girl remembers the day when she first showed the now all-too-familiar nutritional guidelines to her family.

One of two things happens: Either everyone is on board and joins you, or they don’t.

So, what should you do if your family doesn’t want to eat what you’re eating? Here are three tips:

  1. Prepare.

When starting out, the most important thing you can do is choose which recipes you’d enjoy and prepare those meals on Sunday before your week begins.

Divide them into separate containers for each day. That way, if you still have to make something different for your family that night, you already have your own dinner without any extra work.

  1. Ask for one Kaia-friendly dinner night.

Perhaps Saturday nights can become an opportunity for you to “sell” your family on how delicious Kaia recipes actually are.

If each week brings another winning dinner, that one night a week may start expanding to several nights a week.

  1. Get real.

If you’re committing to Kaia FIT, then you know that this is a lifestyle, not a temporary diet.

Have a real conversation with your family about what this means to you and that you need their support to be successful. You might be pleasantly surprised by their response.

Remember that your family loves you, but you also may be the one to start the ripple effect that benefits everyone’s health and wellness. Stay strong and committed. Often, it just takes time to win everyone over.

Caren Roblin — director of the content for the Sierra Nevada Media Group, which publishes Healthy Beginnings — is a Kaia FIT Sierra coach and NCCPT (National Council for Certified Personal Trainers) and TRX certified personal trainer. Email her at with feedback.