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Embrace natural remedies during upcoming flu season

It’s important to consider the four body systems as the season approaches. Photo: Golibtolibov /

Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down. What was Mary Poppins thinking as she sang a tune to get reluctant children to take their medicine?

Just thinking about it gives me flashbacks to when my Grandmother shoved Cod Liver oil down my throat followed by a wedge of lemon as a chaser.

Today we wouldn’t dream of stuffing a spoon of sugar into our throats after taking medicine. We rely on medicine to keep us healthy, but it doesn’t have to be a bitter pill to swallow. We have many choices as to what kind of medicine we want to take to relieve what ails us.

Consider the four body systems as flu season approaches.

The Mental System which is the area of thoughts. The Emotional System is the area of emotions and relations, not only with others, but the relationship we have with ourselves. The Physical System is not only our bodies, it includes the things that are around us. Finally, The Spiritual System which is our spiritual life or connection to a higher self.

“The mind has great influence over the body and maladies often have their origins there,” French playwright, actor and poet Moliere once famously said.

Engage mindful choices to achieve a holistic balance of health during the flu season. Connect with healthy thoughts, not with feelings of illness to keep the mental body healthy. Be happy. Watch your favorite comedy and laugh out loud. Better yet, laugh at yourself. No one is perfect and we can learn from our mistakes.

Surround yourself with positive people that lift your spirit. Expand your circle to include encouraging relationships. Strive to develop a loving relationship with you to fuel the emotional body. Get into the habit of making a date with yourself and doing something fun. Your emotional body will thank you.

Symptoms of any type, flu or otherwise, can manifest in the physical body, when other body systems are out of balance. Take special care of the body during flu time. Eating right and exercise are good choices. Take into account the physical space around you. Create a calm environment in the home. Listen to your body and sleep when needed.

Turn off the television and give yourself time to unwind before bed. Activate your “do not disturb” button on your cell. Take quiet time for your mind. Close your eyes and breathe. Ask the kids, significant other, etc to honor your request. The space around you, affects your well-being. Your well-being effects your immunity system’s ability to heal.

Our spiritual connection fuels that part of our being that elevates, draws internal strength and nourishes the soul. Whether your spiritual connection is church, the beauty of the High Sierra, or that endorphin that kicks in while running, that connection strikes a chord and gives us a sense tranquility.

All is right with the world. The flu can dissipate.

If you do become ill, give yourself permission to get well. Give yourself the sleep, time and proper nutrition needed to heal completely. Visualize the healthy you. Be happy with who you are and see the beauty around you. You won’t need a spoonful of sugar for that medicine to go down.

Bri Zackery is an Integrative Wellness Coach who writes regularly on her blog, HolisticYou.Online. Call 775-525-1869 or email her at to learn more.