Healthy Beginnings

Creating a Profitable Workable Space

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Workable space means efficiency, productivity, synergy and health. It is often necessary to transform your existing office space to meet these important goals and create these aspects of workable space. Having the ability to modify the space to your needs is similar to making a house a home. For business owners who are looking for a space and location to start a business or expand, there is much to consider to be profitable.

Workable space contributes to the bottom-line of your business because when your people are healthy and happy, they will contribute more, you and your employees excel, and your business will thrive. According to the World Resource Institute indoor environments have a tremendous effect on occupant well-being and functioning, especially in regards to light and color, the sense of enclosure, privacy, access to window views, a connection to nature, sensory variety and personal control over environmental conditions.

When creating a workable business space psychological well-being is another major factor to health and happiness. Consider what positively impacts employees ability to be effective at work by reducing stress, creating job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Workspaces that are designed in terms of practicality, functionality, safety, productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness can give an overall sense of ease and pleasure to the environment. Valuable business outcomes of health and happiness then overflow to customers and other business partnerships and relationships.

Synergy is created for your business when other like-minded businesses, with a similar target market are located nearby. If a customer goes to the mall and buys a new dress and then walks past a shoe store just two stores away she is more likely to consider the need of a pair of shoes for that new dress. These businesses have purposely located themselves together to make it easy for customers to find similar and complementary services and products, which directly impacts their bottom-line. Think about the kinds of businesses that compliment your offerings. Also, the demographics (knowing the social statistics of the populations you are targeting) of your business play a major part in your business’s ability to naturally network. Through strategic location you can grow your business.

We are in a time when businesses need to educate themselves and have flexibility to incorporate more evolved practices, working with space that can be transformed to include healthy business development and practices. Work with commercial properties, landlords and other businesses who are like-minded and willing to include modifications of space to meet your requirements. Consider the importance of demographics, your location to surround yourself with like-minded businesses creating a network of similar businesses for your customers and your bottom-line.


  2. World Resources Institute utilizes a mixture of elements to provide a healthy work environment.

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