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Confirmed Natural Causes of Cancer within the Body and Mind

How You Can Heal Yourself of Cancer

Most of us are already aware of the known causes of cancer such as nuclear radiation (Hiroshima, Chernobyl), chemical carcinogens (cigarette smoke, asbestos, gasoline, red dye #40) and electromagnetic fields (aka EMFs) of high frequencies (X-rays, gamma rays). As well, we know that the United States government’s implementation of OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Administration) has been a huge success of reducing incidents of cancer due to our exposure to those external carcinogens and, today, we have confirmed that previously unknown causes are natural and lay within our own body and mind: inflammation and emotions.

How is that possible – that our own body’s inflammation or our own emotions can cause cancer? First let’s look at what we know about inflammation. Decades of research uncovered that inflammation can damage the DNA in a cell, thus causing it to mutate (become cancer). Recent decades of research have uncovered the causes to inflammation: high consumption of animal protein (meat, dairy casein), gluten intolerance, high levels of stress and more. Let’s be clear – it is not the meat, dairy casein or the gluten that damages cell DNA, it is our own immune system’s response to the protein that causes the inflammation that damages cell DNA. Because each person’s physiology, health and food intolerances can vary, those individual factors will determine the extent that those foods or stressors will trigger the production of inflammation. And, because of this variance, there will be a variance to the production of cancer cells.

Causes of Inflammation
– High consumption of
animal protein
(meat or dairy casein)
– Gluten intolerance
– High stress levels

As to our emotions being a cause to cancer, here’s what’s happening. It has been well established through scientific studies that stress and/or our emotion interferes with the immune system’s ability to promote the production of cytotoxic T cell and natural killer cell activity, which are our defense against cancer cells. Hence, we have our own militia every moment of the day that eliminates cancer when our immune system is intact and functioning well.

Another aspect of emotions – they affect on our own chemistry. Again, research over several decades has confirmed that our emotions affect our brain and bodily physiology and, because of this dynamic impact upon our internal chemistry, we are vulnerable to the manifestation of cancer cells anywhere in the body. More profoundly, research has also confirm that certain personality types need only a very difficult, highly acute dramatic and isolating emotional shock (HADIES) to tip the scales physiologically, and cancer cells emerge. Such acute emotional shocks include the tragic unexpected death of a loved one, loss of career, finances, family or social standing, and more. Within 2 years of that triggering emotional shock, the cancer is detectable.

The name of this new cancer paradigm is ‘Psycho-Oncology’ and there are many oncology medical practitioners who have documented thousands of cases whereby the diagnosis was preceded 2 years by a HADIES. Two such practitioners are Dr. Douglas Brodie of Reno Integrative Medical Center and Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, founder of German New Medicine.

To quote Dr. Brodie, “The typical cancer personality has lost the ability to cope with these extreme events, because his/her coping mechanism lies in his/her ability to control the environment. When this control is lost, the patient has no other way to cope. Major stress causes suppression on the immune system, and does so more overwhelmingly in the cancer-susceptible individual than in others. Thus personal tragedies and excessive levels of stress appear to combine with the underlying personality described to bring on the immune deficiency which allows cancer to thrive.”

Cancer Susceptible Personality Traits

  1. Being highly conscientious, caring, dutiful, responsible, hardworking and usually of above average intelligence.
  2. Exhibits a strong tendency toward carrying other people’s burdens and toward taking on extra obligations, and often “worrying for others.”
  3. Having a deep-seated need to make others happy. Being a “people pleaser” with a great need for approval.

4.Feelings of rejection by one or both parents and/or lack of closeness to parents (justified or not) that originated in childhood.

5. Lack of closeness with spouses and others with whom close relationships would normally develop.

  1. Harbors long-suppressed toxic emotions, such as anger, resentment, hostility and other emotions deemed inappropriate. The cancer-susceptible individual typically internalizes such emotions and has great difficulty expressing them.
  2. Reacts adversely to stress, and often becomes unable to cope adequately with such stress. The patient is not able to cope with this HADIES or series of events, which comes as a “last straw” on top of years of suppressed reactions to stress.
  3. Has an inability to resolve deep-seated emotional problems/conflicts, usually beginning in childhood, often even being unaware of their presence.

To quote Dr. Hamer, “There are very specific signs which clearly distinguish the ordinary conflicts and problems in our daily lives. From the very first moment of a DHS (psycho-emotional trauma), you would experience continuous stress on the sympathetic nervous system. The symptoms would include cold hands and/or feet, loss of appetite, weight loss, sleeplessness and dwelling day and night on the conflict content. This situation will only change when the conflict has been resolved. In contrast to normal everyday problems, we see the patient falling into a lasting stress phase that will cause specific symptoms and a growing cancer.”

I witnessed my father have two separate events with cancer. He had a personality susceptible to cancer, had been a smoker and ate an inflammatory diet. The first event occurred in his mid-40s when he lost the company he’d built and lost his personal financial security. Within 2 years he had malignant bladder cancer, surgically removed. He fortunately had built another company and retired at age 50, traveling the U.S. with his wife and spending time with grandchildren. Twenty-eight years would pass after this episode, when he then learned that his most darling eldest daughter, the apple of his eye, had lied to him for years. After this, my siblings and I noticed Dad had changed – he no longer had anything positive or nice to say of his darling eldest daughter. Within 2 years of learning of the lies, he was diagnosed with cancer – pancreatic, liver and small cell throughout. He underwent traditional chemo and radiation therapy and within a few months he was gone.

With everything we know today, the diagnosis of cancer is no longer being consigned to helplessness and powerlessness in the face of the unknown – gone are the days of mystery. We do KNOW what causes cancer, how to protect ourselves and we have many options for harnessing the resources for healing, being the boosting of the immune system via engineered monoclonal antibodies or nutrition, reducing inflammation by diet and lifestyle changes or doing the inner work of healing our emotional world. Even when external carcinogens are the cause of cancer, the natural causes need to be addressed because, when excluded, they can advance and sustain cancer cell proliferation.

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