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Soul grafting: Honor the roots and deeper longings of your own being

Are you familiar with grafted plants? Nowadays, most cultivated roses, fruit and ornamental trees have been grafted. In grafting, a horticulturist attaches the trunk of a preferred plant variety — say an especially beautiful rose — to the rootstock of a wild and more vigorous plant of the same... Read More »

Becoming a problem to oneself – it’s a good thing!

Lucky is the individual who has become a problem to himself. This is a paraphrase of a statement by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. It is an idea that is probably counter-intuitive to most people. After all, who wants to be a problem to themself?! Most of us would happily... Read More »

Your dreams – the gift of the child’s perspective

A man in his mid-20s dreamed the following: * * * I’m sitting at a long board room table at a meeting with another man and woman. The woman had been asked to evaluate the truthfulness of a small boy’s claim that there is a red ball at the... Read More »

Follow the path that’s meant for you to keep your soul alive

“Protect the plants, stay on the path,” a Reno trail sign reads. Viewed literally, the sign asks that hikers not trample the sensitive plants growing beside the trail. Looked at symbolically, it offers quality advice for life. The “path” is your path in life. It is the intended journey... Read More »

Inside your dreams: Seek the respect of your own soul

Carla was a young woman who had a compulsive need to be liked, to be popular, and be approved of. Not surprisingly, she was never content and rarely happy. With the source of her self-respect outside of her, attached to the ever-changing opinions of others, she was never secure... Read More »

Dreaming about death: What happens upon the soul’s journey to the beyond?

Shortly before her death, an older woman living in Europe dreamed (as reported by Marie-Louise von Franz in her book, “On Dreams & Death: A Jungian Interpretation,” on page 64): “I have packed two suitcases, one with my working clothes, the other, a trans-Europe suitcase, with my jewelry, my... Read More »

Analyizing your dreams: a window between two worlds

A woman approaching death dreamed she entered an immaculate room of marble flooring. She walks around an empty chair that faces the entrance. Beyond the chair is a wall of prismatic glass beads. She can see a brightly colored scene behind the wall, although it is blurry due to... Read More »

Be wary of dangers on your spiritual path

While working as a psychology intern in a federal prison camp years ago, I had the chance to speak with a Native American inmate who performed a weekly sweat lodge ceremony for the other inmates. He described how he conducted the service: “In a wood fire I heat the... Read More »

Analyzing your dreams: Build your soul house while you sleep

A middle-aged man — who was on a journey of self-growth through psychotherapy — dreamed that a house was being built. It was a large house with workers all around, many on the roof hammering boards and shingles into place. Personal growth is a construction process. We are building... Read More »

Dissecting dreams: Discover the answers within you to find the cornerstone of your life

A retired teacher had the following dream: “I found myself at a party for retired teachers at my former school. I felt that I was not really welcome there. The hostess seemed very insincere in welcoming me. I noticed a large basket on a counter that held gift mugs... Read More »