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Dreaming about death: What happens upon the soul’s journey to the beyond?

Shortly before her death, an older woman living in Europe dreamed (as reported by Marie-Louise von Franz in her book, “On Dreams & Death: A Jungian Interpretation,” on page 64): “I have packed two suitcases, one with my working clothes, the other, a trans-Europe suitcase, with my jewelry, my... Read More »

Analyizing your dreams: a window between two worlds

A woman approaching death dreamed she entered an immaculate room of marble flooring. She walks around an empty chair that faces the entrance. Beyond the chair is a wall of prismatic glass beads. She can see a brightly colored scene behind the wall, although it is blurry due to... Read More »

Be wary of dangers on your spiritual path

While working as a psychology intern in a federal prison camp years ago, I had the chance to speak with a Native American inmate who performed a weekly sweat lodge ceremony for the other inmates. He described how he conducted the service: “In a wood fire I heat the... Read More »

Analyzing your dreams: Build your soul house while you sleep

A middle-aged man — who was on a journey of self-growth through psychotherapy — dreamed that a house was being built. It was a large house with workers all around, many on the roof hammering boards and shingles into place. Personal growth is a construction process. We are building... Read More »

Dissecting dreams: Discover the answers within you to find the cornerstone of your life

A retired teacher had the following dream: “I found myself at a party for retired teachers at my former school. I felt that I was not really welcome there. The hostess seemed very insincere in welcoming me. I noticed a large basket on a counter that held gift mugs... Read More »

What happens to our bodies after we die?

In her book, “On Dreams and Death,” Jungian psychologist Marie-Louis von Franz shares the nearing death dream of a woman who did not believe in the existence of a spiritual reality: I am standing, quite confused, inside a courtyard. There is no exit. On one side of the yard... Read More »

The Dreams of a Dying Woman, Part V

One challenge in determining if a particular dream relates to the approaching death of the dreamer is the fact that the psyche treats death much the same as it treats any other major life transition. Death and rebirth imagery is used in both cases. Death of the body is... Read More »

The Dreams of a Dying Woman, Part IV

About 31⁄2 months before her death and 11⁄2 months before her diagnosis of cancer, a woman in her early 70s had the following dream: “I enter a large barn. It is empty except for an older, maroon-colored car, similar to one I used to drag race back in the... Read More »

The Dreams of a Dying Woman: Part 3

Lila (not her actual name) is a woman in her early 70s who had a number of dreams that hinted at her coming death by cancer. At the time of the dreams discussed in this series, she did not know that she had cancer. The dreams that follow occurred... Read More »

The Dreams of a Dying Woman: Part 1

Dreams can be difficult to interpret. This is not just because they speak a language of images and symbols, but also because it’s not always obvious what aspect of your life they are referring to. While most dreams offer insight into your current attitudes, relationships and life situation, some... Read More »